Final Inspection Requirements as applicable to your project


  • Street sign in place (check with public works for requirements)
  • House # in Place – must be able to be seen from street
  • Smoke detectors installed and working
  • Guards, Railings and Stairs (must meet code requirements, even if temporary)
  • One working bathroom
  • A working kitchen (appliances are not required)
  • One side hinged exit door measuring 3’-0”X 6’-8” min (Not through a garage, lighting is required)
  • Interior lighting or switched outlets as required
  • Plumbing complete
  • Septic complete with any required filters in place
  • Access to under roof area (access panel is ok)
  • Furnace complete and working
  • Chimney/fireplace complete with required clearances and fire stopping


  • Two GFI circuits
  • Peninsula/Island (needs outlet on end)
  • Garbage disposal (if septic system, must be noted on design if installed)


  • GFI protection where required
  • An exhaust fan or operable window
  • Tempered glass if in a tub or shower area


  • GFI outlet
  • Second means of escape if finished space. Cannot be through a garage


  • GFI outlet
  • Fire separation as required  


  • Grade must pitch away from foundation and all disturbed ground needs to be stabilized


  • Complete with no open boxes (blank plates may be installed if no fixture)
  • Arc fault circuits for bedrooms
  • Electrical panel labeling


  • Compliance with PB/ZBA Notices/Approvals
  • Completion of prior notices of correction

For questions on requirements involving plumbing & electric work – see sub contractors.