Falmouth Parks and Public Spaces

In 1994, the Falmouth Conservation Commission catalogued a number of Parks and Open space areas. This publication has been useful for recreational user-groups. Since that time, information regarding Parks and other Public Spaces has not been updated to reflect the last 15+ years of progress. Falmouth has been very active with acquiring and preserving land. In 2009, The Town formed a ‘Land Management Team’. This team consists of staff from Town Administration, the Parks and Public Works Department, and the Community Programs Department. Also, as part of this group, are representatives from the Falmouth Trails Advisory Committee (FTAC), the Falmouth Conservation Corps/Open Space/Ombudsman, and the Falmouth Land Trust.

As part of the Land Management Team’s work, this webpage was created in an effort to provide a comprehensive look at all of the Parks and Public Spaces. One of the team's goals was to provide ease of access to this information for the public’s use. The impressive ‘green spaces’ on the mapping demonstrates Falmouth’s commitment to providing and preserving open spaces in the Town.

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