Station 1

Station 1 - Foreside Station - 287 Foreside Road
Houses: Engine 1, Ambulance 1
Station Captain: David Cuttler Car 11
Ambulance 1 Lieutenant: Paul Goldstein Car 12
Engine 1 Lieutenant: Erik Knudsen Car 13
Station 1 was orignally built in 1916 as a 2-bay fire station with funds raised by firefighters, who did the work building it.  It was remodeled in 1939 to accomodate a new pumper and then was rebuilt in 1951 and changed to a 4-bay fire station.  In 1960 it was changed to a 3-bay station.  In 1991 the members of the Foreside Fire Company gave the building to the Town of Falmouth at which time it was extensively remodeled in to the 3 bay station that it is today.  In 2014 work is being performed to add a bunk room and shower facility to the 2nd floor and the overhead doors are being replaced with newer, more weather-efficient ones.  The Foreside Fire Company still meets on the 2nd Monday of each month and has a dinner at 1830 hours followed by a monthly building, equipment, and apparatus check.
Station 1 was dedicated to H. Theodore Vail in December 1991.