Station 2


Station 2 - Central Station - 8 Bucknam Road
Houses: Engine 2, Tower 2, Ambulance 2, Ambulance 3,Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3
Station Captain: Stan Bishop Car 21
Engine 2 Lieutenant: Anthony Poquette Car 23
Tower 2 Lieutenant: Zack Tooker Car 25
Ambulance 2 Lieutenant: Dave Johnson Car 26
Ambulance 3 Lieutenant: Denise Mayberry Car 27
Per Diem Lieutenant: Laurie Page Car 28
Station 2 was built in 1927 and originally located at the intersection of Middle Road and Depot Road (now Bucknam Road) near what is now referred to as Falmouth Corners.  A new station was built in 1976 at its present location at 8 Bucknam Road.  A major renovation and addition was done in 2007 which added a new training room, day room, per diem and volunteer bunk rooms, offices for the call deputy chiefs and captains, and the new administrative wing.  The office of the fire chief was moved from the Town Hall to Central Station in January 2008.  The administrative offices now include the fire chief, a fulltime captain in charge of EMS, and the office administrator.
Station 2 is staffed 24x7 with a per diem firefighter / paramedic and at least 1 volunteer EMT at all times.  The on duty crew respond to all fire and EMS calls in town and work with the call members who respond to the all three fire stations.