Student Live-In Program FAQs

What personal costs are associated with this program?
Live-in students are responsible for their own food and meals. A room, uniforms and firefighting equipment is provided to you.
Will I get my own room?
There are two students per room. Residents share the kitchen facilities, dayroom, restrooms and other facilities
How often will I be on duty?
Student Live-in firefighters are required to perform 12 hours of shift coverage per week at Central Station.  Student Live-ins will be on-call evenings and weekends at the Winn Road Station while they are in the station except for situations such as exams, term papers, and illnesses.
Am I expected to be on duty if I have an exam the next day?
No. Live-in Students are expected to balance their school responsibilities with their fire department responsibilities.  Program mentors are available to assist students with planning their time available to the Fire-EMS department.
Do I have to take the EMT class?
EMS comprises nearly 2/3 of the total responses by Falmouth Fire-EMS and most combination services.  Successful completion of an EMT class is required by the end of the 2nd year in the program.
Must I have prior firefighting experience to apply?
Prior firefighting experience is not necessary. Upon admission as a Student live-in firefighter you will be required to complete a 3-week Firefighter I and II Academy to prepare you for your firefighting duties before the school year starts.  Once the school year starts, you will be expected to attend weekly training held at the department to further your skills.