Home Security Tips

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a useful tool in the prevention of burglary. Individuals must weigh the advantages against the cost factor. There are many types of alarm systems available. The Falmouth Police Department does not recommend any particular system or alarm company, and suggests that residents contact several licensed alarm contractors to provide a written estimate for the installation, maintenance and monthly carrying charges prior to signing a contract.

If You Are Burglarized
If you arrive home and suspect that your house has been burglarized, and have not as yet entered the house, go to a neighbor's house and notify the Falmouth Police Department by calling either 9-1-1 or 781-4242. Advise the person answering the telephone as to your location and the address of your home. If requested, stay on the line to provide any additional information, which will assist the responding patrol units.

The responding officers will check your house first, and then will come to your location and advise you of their findings. If in fact your house was burglarized, the officers will conduct an investigation and will need your assistance in providing a list of the stolen items. They may also request you to submit to a seat of fingerprints for elimination purposes if any fingerprints are located within the residence.

If you arrive home and have entered your residence, and then discover the house has been burglarized, call the Falmouth Police Department at 9-1-1 or 781-4242. If you believe that the suspect may still be in the house, leave immediately and go to a neighbor's and follow the previously described directions.

  • If you are confident that the burglar has left, call from your home as directed above.
  • Do not touch anything! You could possibly destroy valuable evidence.
  • Stay calm, and you may be asked to stay on the line with the dispatcher until the responding officers arrive.
  • You will be asked to compile a list of the stolen items. Please include the make, model, serial numbers, color and value.

If you are confronted by a burglar in your home, remember that most burlgars are not violent unless cornered. Once the burglar has fled, notify the Police Department immediately by calling 9-1-1, and advise the dispatcher of this information and the direciton the burglar fled in, if available.

Types of Suspicious Incidents
People knocking on your door for various reasons may actually be burglars attempting to check if your home is vacant.
Please contact the Falmouth Police Department to check on these people, as it is important that we are made aware of strangers in the neighborhoods.

Utility workers often have to make calls to inspect or take meter readings inside or around your home. They are usually in some type of uniform, and have a photo ID with them. Do not be afraid to ask to see their identification, they are used to it. If you still feel uncomfortable, call the Falmouth Police Department and request an officer to verify the person's identity.

Report unfamiliar vehicles parked or riding back and forth in the neighborhood.

When reporting a suspicious vehicle it is important to provide the dispatcher as much information as possible, such as; the licence number, state or color of the plate, and the description of the vehicle. This information will allow the officers to search for the vehicle while in route to your neighborhood.